Tworlds App Lets You Dive In The Life Of Someone Else

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What if you could open a window to the life of someone else? What if you just wanted to compare jobs with people from around the world? How about experiencing the life in the other part of the world?

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Tworlds App lets you do just that. Users get to pick from a list of hashtags (or “moments” as the app says) and get the chance to see what’s going on somewhere else. How it works? Upon selecting from the list of the available hashtags, users are prompted to take a picture from within the app.


After snapping the photo, users are automatically and anonymously connected with other, randomly chosen users from around the globe. The two images share the same screen and the app also shows the location they were shot.

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There’s no need to signup to use Tworlds. The app is all about anonymity. You can compare works, lifestyle or even see if there are like-minded people around the world.

Check out the following video:

You can download Tworlds from the following link.


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