Twitter Will Soon Show Users When A Business Is Most Responsive

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Twitter is great for customer service. Despite this, it hasn’t really done much to help users or businesses on its platform to  get better at customer service. But now, it seems to be testing quite a cool new feature that lets users know when a page is most responsive.

Facebook released a responsiveness badge less than a year ago, but this is different. It doesn’t tell users HOW responsive a page is; which is rather useless if you ask me. Instead, it tells them WHEN a page is most responsive. If a user wants a quick answer, it’s helpful to know when he or she is more likely to receive one… right?

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Yes. And to be honest, this feature is far more useful to users because it gives them a timeframe within which to ask a question. But… could this ever lead to a bottleneck in questions and replies? If people know WHEN an account is more active, could it lead to more people contacting an account during these hours?

Quite possibly. We’ll see. For now, the feature is just being tested, and there is no word as to when it will be released globally and/or to more accounts. The feature is only showing up on a few profiles for now… Have you seen it yet? We spotted it on Medium’s Twitter profile but haven’t seen it anywhere else yet.


I like it! What do you think?

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