Twitter Testing New Features On Its Ads Manager

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Twitter needs to start making a lot more money, and to do so the company really needs to up its ads game. And it seems like it’s doing just that, testing a new Ads Manager on the platform.

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The new Ads Manager is currently only a limited beta version but the company plans to launch the public beta within the next few months. In a recent Twitter blog post, Christine Lee, Senior Product Manager at the company, explained that

This new tool provides a central workspace to plan, manage, and report on campaigns. Now you can easily view and optimize performance at multiple levels – campaigns, ad groups, or promoted Tweets and other ads.

According to Lee, the two most important features in the new tool are custom filtering and custom metrics which will appear within advertisers’ accounts soon enough.

Use custom filters to more quickly find your campaigns, ad groups or even ads. Everyone who has access to your ad account can save filters for their own use.

On the other hand, custom metrics allow advertisers to better monitor metrics that “matter most” to them. Through the tool, they can “create multiple presets to quickly view different reports in the dashboard”.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

The new Ads Manager will also allow advertisers to export information that will actually match reporting in the dashboard – all the rows and columns will be the same. This will allow advertisers to “spend less time building reports”. Although the public beta is coming soon, some advertisers may have access to it earlier. They can of course choose to return to the previous version if the beta isn’t what they are looking for.

Despite having the choice, Lee explains that

Delivery, spend and performance of existing ads will be unaffected

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