Twitter Starts Testing Promoted Tweet Carousel

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With Facebook currently leading the way in advertising offerings, Twitter has had to shift up a gear. To address its lack of competitive ad products, the company announced that it has begun testing a new ad unit on its platform – the Promoted Tweet Carousel.

Twitter has been stagnating recently, but it seems there is a plan to change that. The company announced that it was making changes to help users express themselves better in 140 characters – a move that is seen as a way to make Twitter easier to use and therefore draw in new users. But that doesn’t solve Twitter’s financial woes. In order to that, Twitter needs to start offering innovative ad products to companies and brands that want to advertise on the platform. It’s latest idea is the Promoted Tweet Carousel.

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Promoted Tweet Carousel is currently being tested by a handful of advertisers. It is a new “ad unit that gives marketers a rich canvas for brand storytelling using their own Tweets or Tweets about their brand by users, who have given permission to the brand.” With Promoted Tweet Carousel, Twitter wants to solve the problem that advertisers have in creating “compelling” and “engaging” content – the creation process is expensive and time-consuming. And so,

driving word of mouth marketing is critical as marketers want to develop an authentic relationship with customers. Since people Tweet about their favorite brands and products every day, we developed this powerful solution to help marketers leverage social recommendations.

The Promoted Tweet Carousel uses Tweets with text, images or video from a brand’s own account or content from other creators who have given permission to the brand to use. The result is a swipeable ad unit that can tell a rich an compelling story with its content Tweets.

So far, Twitter has said that advertisers who have tried the new ad unit have been very excited by it and its prospects. Have a look at some of the examples of brands that have used it so far, here. If you are interested in using Promoted Tweet Carousel, contact your account team at Twitter to get started as it is currently available only as a limited alpha to select managed accounts.


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