Twitter Rolls Out In-Stream Video Ads

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Consumers are watching more video today than ever before. So, to help marketers tell better stories, reach their audiences, and drive results with video ads, Twitter has rolled out In-Stream Video Ads.

The launch of In-Stream Video Ads means that brands can now align their ads with content – either highlights or live-streams from its Amplify partners like publishers, magazines, TV networks, but also sports leagues and news outlets. And with the new format, which includes pre-roll and mid-roll ads, marketers can drive really powerful results.

And how does Twitter know this? Well, it’s been experimenting! As Mo Al Adham Senior Product Manager at Twitter explained,

we’ve been automatically promoting videos with high engagement from select publishers. Not only does this drive more views for the publisher, it also allows advertisers to get their message in front of a larger target audience.

Sharing recent research (406 Nielsen Brand Effect studies) on the effectiveness of video ads in general, Al Adham explained that users who saw Twitter video ads were 50% more likely to be aware of a brand, whereas they also feel 14% more favourable about a brand. Also, Twitter video ads cause consumers to have an 18% higher purchase intent. Adham explains why:

People come to Twitter in a discovery mindset, making them more attentive, responsive, and trusting of the video ad content they see on Twitter in comparison to competing platforms.

And this also makes video ads on Twitter almost twice as memorable versus other sites.

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