Twitter Rolls Out Timeline Changes

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We already had an idea that Twitter was performing experiments on our timeline, but now we have the official announcement. Twitter will start showing us content from people and accounts we don’t follow.

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As Twitter claims, following accouts may be a first step to great content, but sometimes, we may be missing tweets and accounts that match our interests. Μore specifically, Twitter has been ‘messing’ with our timelines by showing recommended tweets, accounts and topics, throughout the year.

After completing all the necessary tests, it was proved that users enjoyed seeing tweets from accounts they did not follow. These results were based on signals such as activity from accounts users do follow, popularity of the tweets, and how people in users’ networks interact with the tweets tested.

After all this experimentation, the social network rolled out -this time, officially- the recommended tweets feature and informed us that it will continue adjusting our timelines with new functionalities.

What do you think of this new feature?

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