Twitter Rant: Stop Tweeting Your Instagram Pics

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Yes, the visual web is so-hot-right-now and Twitter – which is primarily a micro-blogging social platform – wants to make the big shift and encourage users to use its picture services, and not these of Instagram.

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According to Digital Trends, some verified Twitter accounts were prompted to stop using Instagram links and switch to Twitter to post their photos.

It’s been a while since Twitter ceased to show Instagram‘s content on users’ feeds, however it is only now that it encourages users to make the change. Both platforms may be different in their scope and audience, but Twitter sees an opportunity here that shouldn’t be overlooked. The main drive behind this move is that while Instagram gained traffic on its app and website, Twitter only appeared to show “orphan” links and high bounce rates.

wersm twitter instagram posting links

Will this action drive more users to Twitter? The platform has been struggling with audience growth. In addition, Instagram‘s performance in terms of user engagement is impressive – in fact, 50 times higher than that of Twitter.

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The message received by verified accounts stresses out the fact that, by posting on its platform, followers won’t see a link to a picture, but will always see the picture posted.

Twitter has been developing video services to attract more producers to its arsenal. Does this latest move mean that it will add Instagram-like features? Let’s see.

Image courtesy of Digital Trends.

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