Twitter Power: New Analytics And A Quick Promote Tool

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Twitter is gearing up these days, rolling out new feature after new feature on a quest to conquer more advertisers. Today, Twitter is making it easier than ever for businesses to identify their best performing tweets and boost them with a quick promotion.

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Nowadays, it has become clear than even the best content needs paid promotion to amplify its reach and maximize its impact. Twitter is planning to help you do just that with quick promote.

Now, Twitter has made it even simpler and faster by bringing quick promote directly onto your Twitter profile. Well, in your tweets to be precise: Open the in-tweet analytics, check which tweet is performing best, and amplify its reach with a one-click quick promote:

Twitter is also on quest to reassure small businesses and from now on they will provide an estimate number of engagements a sponsored tweet may get, before you start the promotion.

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A New Home For Analytics

Of course, a new tool to easily promote tweet would not be enough. We’ve talked enough about it on WeRSM: you need to boost your best content.

And Twitter is doing the job well. Alongside the new quick promote tool, Twitter has released a new home for their analytics.

With the new homepage on analytics.twitter.com, you immediately get a view on the top tweets in your account. But the new home also provide useful information, such as:

  • – how many times you’ve Tweeted
  • – how many people have seen your Tweets
  • – how many people visited your profile
  • – how many people mentioned your @username or followed your account
  • – how many times people have shared links to your site (if you use Twitter Cards)
  • – your top Tweets and followers with the largest network in any given month

With all this information, it becomes easier you to quickly identify your best content and decide on which tweets you should promote to a wider audience and/or engage with specific influencers.

In my opinion, Twitter is putting in our hands the tools that best fit the spirit of the platform itself: reactivity.

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