Twitter Launches “Your Data” To Help You Monitor Your Account

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Have you ever felt like someone may be trying to hijack your Twitter account? Maybe you think someone may have gained access to your login details?

Twitter has become very security conscious over the last few months. Today the company is introducing “Your Twitter Data” a new way to monitor and control who has access to your account.

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With “Your Twitter Data” you can now easily monitor where your account was accessed the last time and on which device as well as the complete recent login history. So you’ll know if something is not quite right. The dashboard also shows you which apps have access to your account as well as the IP address linked to them. So you can also check if they are legit.

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To access the dashboard, simply go to your account settings and then click on “Your Twitter Data” at the bottom of the list.


The first section is just a recap of your information: when and where your account was created, what your username is and what is the email associated to your account.

The second section shows you which devices currently have access to your account. These are often mobile devices you are using. You will see the date at which access was granted, so you can check that only devices you know of have been added.

The third and final section is a complete log of all login activity that has happened on your account. The list provides the name of the app, the exact date and time it accessed your account as well as the location and IP address it connected from.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

If you see anything suspicious, look into it and then proceed to change your password immediately if you do not recognise the app, time or location your account was accessed.

This is a nice move by Twitter which will no doubt lead to more account security.

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