Twitter Launches Live-Streaming with Periscope

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Twitter promised its users live-streaming back in January when it bought Periscope. It wasn’t clear just when that functionality would come into being until today, as Twitter launches Periscope as an iOS app. In the meantime, Periscope’s competitor, Meerkat has become very popular, and there is no doubt that Meerkat’s recent meteoric success has been a result of Twitter’s inactivity. Twitter did try to kill Meerkat a few weeks ago, but failed. Now, the war is on! And although Meerkat has a head-start, Periscope is pretty awesome!

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Live-streaming content is so hot right now. That’s why Meerkat has had so much success in such a short time after all. But if you’ve tried it, you will have noticed that unless you catch a stream while it’s broadcasting, you won’t have much to do on a blank page.

Periscope is different. It allows you to save videos to watch later. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of live video streaming? Yes, but not really. We might want to watch something live (product launches, news, announcements, etc) but we rarely have the time to drop everything and watch. We also like saving things to watch later. That’s the whole point of Tivo, right?


Why be tied down to have to watch something right now, and never be able to watch it again? Despite the popularity of Snapchat, there are probably more important things happening in a live feed. Whereas Meerkat lacks that functionality natively, there is Katch, a third-part service that will save your videos to YouTube, albeit NOT to a YouTube channel of your choice.

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Periscope is certainly a “richer” offering. Your chats remain in your stream, and don’t get pushed to Twitter. Periscope also has an “appreciation system” with hearts, something Meerkat doesn’t offer – The more you tap, the more hearts appear on the stream and therefore the more positive feedback the stream-owner gets. The app is also great for whoever wants to run a Q&A session – it allows you to keep your stream’s chats and allows you to delete any. Also, you can create a stream for a select few people – they will be the only ones to be able to see a replay.

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Now, Periscope is tied to Twitter, but it’s not fully “integrated” so to speak. Whoever you follow on Twitter is a suggested follow on Periscope. You get notifications when streams are ready to view, but also when people suggest streams, so things could get very “noisy”, notification wise – especially if you have Push Notifications turned on. However, you don’t really need notifications when you can simply view a stream again. Right?

So, what do you think? Will Periscope kill Meerkat? Does Meerkat have a way out, by developing other features fast?

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