A Few Important Twitter KPIs and How to Measure Them

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In our previous article, How to Build Successful Twitter Marketing Strategies, the 5th step that I briefly touched upon was measurement. In my opinion, other than the actual marketing strategy, measuring your Twitter activities is so important.

It may get a little confusing at times, especially when you are trying to figure out who all your referrers are due to URL shorteners. but once you get the hang of it, you should be no problems figuring things out. So, what should you measure? Well, it’s entirely up to you, and it totally depends on your strategic goals but here are a few important key metrics to look for:

  • – Number of Tweets
  • – Number of Retweets & the Reach from those Tweets
  • – Best targeted influencers
  • – Analysis on who new followers are
  • – Analytics of traffic from Twitter to website. URL shorteners like bit.ly are very good for this.
  • – Number of mentions of your brand in ordinary Tweets
  • – Number of lists that your Twitter account is on
  • – Number of discussions with other users

And how do I measure these?

Well, you can use search.twitter.com, a range of different other social media monitoring tools, information from free tools like Google Analytics, bit.ly, or Hootsuite, or TweetReach


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