Twitter Killed the Fail Whale

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The Fail Whale has been around for a long time. It even used to be common on Twitter, when Twitter was struggling to keep pace with its fast growing community of users and their even faster growing amount of tweets.

But a lot has changed since then, and the Twitter IPO sure was a big step for the company which has greatly improved its service lately and although fans will miss it, the fail whale had no reason to live on according to Christopher Fry, senior vice president of engineering at Twitter:

The Fail Whale is a thing of the past. Actually, this summer we took the Fail Whale out of production. So if you come to Twitter, and there are always gonna be problems, no service is ever perfect. But right now you will see robots instead of the Fail Whale. So the Fail Whale image is not served by Twitter anymore. It had a long history and some of our users feel very connected to it. But in the end, it did represent a time when I don’t think we lived up to what the world needed Twitter to be.

The original Fail Whale was designed by Yiying Lu in 2009 and has evolved or been parodied since then.

What do you say we take this opportunity to look back at some historical moment of the now disappeared emblematic whale?

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The iconic image of birds lifting a whale has now been replaced by robots… progress?

If you loved the whale, help us help the whale fight back: RT this tweet now! :P


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