Twitter Introduces #Birdsignals in the UK

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They say that conversation is the best feedback you can get. Twitter, obviously shares the same opinion, so earlier last week it introduced a new hashtag/service – #birdsignals – currently only available for UK users.

The new service was tweeted by Twitter UK, however it disappeared moments later, before reappearing again..creating much speculation.


According to the British account, the new service is currently under research and experimentation and not much additional information is available. However, clicking on the URL, we are redirected to a microsite which asks us to connect our twitter account and then proceeds with a minimal – in appearance only – questionnaire asking you for gender, date of birth, residence, frequency and use of Twitter, income and a few other “indiscreet” details.


With this, Twitter is probably creating a small user database, in order to be able to select an audience of mixed backgrounds and habits. After the long questionnaire you are redirected to another one, this time authorizing twitter to use your data for research purposes. Sounds spooky, right? In any case, after some research on the internet, we found this on The Next Web (which has also reported the story)

Image courtesy of The Next Web

So, it looks like after months of adding and removing features, Twitter is now using more straightforward (and quiet) ways to receive some feedback from its users.

If you live in the UK, and have already subscribed to #birdsignals, do not hesitate to let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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