Twitter Improves Its Blocking Feature To Fight Trolls

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Just a few weeks ago we got the ability to share block lists from account to account on Twitter. A very necessary one if you ask me. Of course it was borne out of necessity, as trolling is rife and happens to really affect user-experience on the platform. So, Twitter has gone one step further to tweak its account blocking, making it a lot better.

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On Twitter, it is now easier for users to block others. Before, if a user blocked another, content was still seen by the blocked user as long as it was quoted in Tweets and Retweets. Now, anyone you have blocked will not be able to contact you or see any of your content on Twitter. So, if you’ve blocked someone there is no way for them to contact or interact with you on the platform.

Of course the very nature of Twitter always gives the opportunity for trolls to do some damage before they are blocked. It’s immediacy is closely-guarded by top brass at the company and is part of its identity. So, many users have had and will continue to have a bad experience on Twitter, but this and other recent moves on the company’s part are refreshing and encouraging to say the least.

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