Twitter Gives Marketers Access to Every Public Tweet Ever

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Twitter has announced that it will now be opening up access to its full archive of Tweets – which includes any Tweet that has ever existed publicly! This is great news for marketers and companies who want to take advantage of the vast amount of information that can be gleaned from nine years of Tweets!

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The archive is being opened up entirely through Twitter‘s Full-Archive Search API however, which means it’s only available through the API itself, and not through a search function on the platform itself. The information that is now available to marketers however, is additional to the insights that customers could get so far from Gnip – a social insights company that Twitter bought last year. Gnip offers a Historical Powertrack and 30-Day Search API tool which was in itself rather limited.

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Now, if one wants to analyse audience insights from Twitter‘s entire nine-year archive, it can be done. This is especially useful for companies who would like to integrate this data into their marketing solutions, because the full data set allows them to analyze trends and identify patterns throughout Twitter‘s history.

Overall, the applications for this include but are not limited to,

  • – Informing  new product launches by instantly analyzing nine years of previous launch conversations
  • – Creating instant real-time Twitter data activity benchmarks for a new advertising campaign based on historical volumes
  • – Providing instant historical Tweet insights to new customers of analytics solutions
  • – Exploring historical Twitter activity for context when responding to customer service inquiries

Giles Palmer, CEO of Brandwatch – one of the companies that took part in the beta for the Full-Archive Search API explained how relevant this is.

This is a big step forward in the journey of deriving useful insights and intelligence from social data. The dream of mining this data for real-time, in-depth, unbiased insights on a global scale is getting ever closer. At Brandwatch, we’re very excited about the implications of this announcement and how we can continue to innovate using this type of intelligence.

If you are interested in using the Full-Archive Search API, you can find out more here.

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