Twitter Debuts Promoted Tweets Syndication

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A little over a year ago, Google+ decided to distribute its promoted posts on Google’s display network, reaching wider audiences and gaining placements in various websites. Today, Twitter is trying a similar approach and will start showing promoted tweets outside its platform as well.

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In its announcement, Twitter says that it has already started collaborating with Flipboard (@flipboard) and Yahoo! JAPAN. This could be huge for brands that want to gain access to other mediums and broader audiences and pay only for the advertising costs on Twitter.

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As far as Flipboard is concerned, advertisers will not have to produce separate creatives, as the platform already integrates organic Twitter into the app, ensuring that the look and feel will remain the same.


Twitter has high hopes for this collaboration, as it will give advertisers the capacity to create large-scale, rich and well-targeted advertising campaigns across a variety of platforms. What’s more interesting is that ,  while Yahoo! already owns a social network (see Tumblr), it has not proceeded to syndicating its ads yet, instead Twitter has caught up with the Japanese version and established cross-platform functionality.

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