Twitter Bridges The Gap Between Creators and Brands

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Twitter announced yesterday that it has acquired Niche, a provider of software, community and monetisation services for the content creators that allows them to have full control of what they produce and share. How this can help brands?

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Niche helps creators forge revenue streams to support their careers and provides free cross-platforms analytics for them to see how their efforts perform. Since 2013, it has facilitated partnerships with over 100 brands and agencies and has given lots of opportunities to content creators to showcase their talent.

Niche begun its close partnership with Twitter, through its Vine platform but it has gradually started working closely with Twitter’s Brand Strategy team to see how they could make even more creators collaborate with some of the biggest brands in the world. The project was successful and let to the subsequent buy out from Twitter.

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With this acquisition, Twitter creators will have the opportunity to work under the social network’s umbrella, which will offer them greater visibility. This is a win-win move for everyone involved, as creators will have the opportunity to reach larger audiences, brands will have direct access to a talent pool and, ultimately, Twitter will manage to form synergies with big brands and, of course, create another revenue stream. 

Twitter is not the first social network to have this idea. Just a few weeks ago, Tumblr announced the launch of Creatrs, a platform where brands can look for artists to help them design and execute their creative campaigns, straight from a talent pool curated by Tumblr staff.

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