Twitter Backed Down on Allowing DMs from Anyone

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It is becoming a trend lately. Social Media platforms seem to put so much efforts into launching new features that they often forget to evaluate the reaction of users before they do so.

After Google+ going back on its decision to force Youtubers in using G+ commenting system, it is the turn of Twitter this week to back up on their plans to allow users to receive DMs from anyone on the platform.

Yesterday, Twitter has rolled back the feature in a very silent manner, the same way they had added it just a month ago.

The option allowed a user to select a box in their settings that would allow any of their followers to send them a DM, regardless of whether they were following them back. Without this option checked, DMs could only be received if the user was following the person sending the DM.

The Next Web first reported that this option was no longer available. When he asked Twitter why the feature was removed (via Twitter, of course), GigaOM writer Matthew Ingram received nothing but a link to this blog post.


I think we should expect quite a few more of these “experiments” in the near future as social media platforms compete very hard between themselves to gain (or retain) a maximum of users.

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