Twitter Ads Are Now Available In Every Country

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Social media is not always a fair world. Even when you are able to access platforms, you are often faced with limitations to promote your business on them. Why? Because many features, and especially advertising, is usually only open to a few major countries before it eventually becomes available for all. New Facebook features often take too much time to reach users outside the US, and Instagram and Twitter advertising were only accessible to a few.

Today, Twitter has added 167 more countries to its advertising platform. And that is a big step.

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The news came from Twitter HQ: users in pretty much all the countries where Twitter is available can now advertise on the platform.

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On Wednesday, Twitter announced it is expanding its self-service advertising platform from 33 countries to more than 200 countries and territories.

The company went on explaining that its advertising platform is now available in 15 languages and about 100,000 advertisers have already running ad campaigns on Twitter over the last 90 days.

Twitter also published the following timeline that showcases the important milestones in the evolution of its advertising services and their availability across the globe:


Do you live in one of the countries that just gained access to Twitter advertising? What does this mean for you business?

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