Twitter Adds Precise Location Sharing With Foursquare

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Sharing your location on Twitter has always been a bit… laborious. It never was that precise either. You could tag your city, maybe your even your borough, but never a specific place.

So today, Twitter is slowly rolling out an update to its app that will let you tag a precise location in your tweets; and this will be powered by Foursquare!

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This new feature was spotted by TechCrunch, and later confirmed by Twitter, which explained that it will be initially available to all iOS users, with other platforms coming later.

Twitter is hoping that this new location sharing feature will inspire users to tweet more while on-the-go, and feed more information into Moments, also adding a new level to Twitter’s potential ad-targeting. And when it comes to location sharing, no-one beats Foursquare. To me it feels like the perfect association, as both platform struggle to find real solutions to their monetisation issues.

The new location sharing data will now appear directly in the main timeline and on profiles, with a clear Foursquare branding attached to it. Everyone seems to win out of it: branding and backlinks for Foursquare, and something new to inspire users to tweet more on Twitter.

Could there be more into this newly founded relationship between Twitter and Foursquare? This remains to be seen!

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