Twitter Adds Live Streaming Button For Periscope Broadcasts

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Despite Facebook arriving late to the live streaming party, that Twitter’s Periscope and Meerkat dominated just over a year ago, it has flown ahead and has become arguably the strongest competitor to Periscope, now that Meerkat has decided to concentrate on other things.

Twitter just stepped up its game to strengthen its position by adding a “Live” streaming button in its app.

The “Live” streaming button, initially available on Periscope’s Android app recently, has now launched to all users, and allows them to connect automatically to Periscope when tapped. The catch is that you still need to have the actual Periscope app to use the feature.

Tapping the button takes you directly to a live broadcast from Periscope.

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Up until now, Periscope has always been a separate app and business. But it seems that for now Twitter just wants to integrate it into the app instead of create its own built-in live video features. Still, the experience is rather seamless. You are redirected to Periscope however.

Of course Facebook’s Live feature is completely built into the Facebook experience on mobile. Facebook has a historical tendency to split features into separate apps, but I think in this case the company is quite happy keeping the feature within its main mobile app. If and when Facebook launches a new camera app, video may be incorporated in that, but right now live video stays where it is.

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Live streaming is a big feature that many users are starting to use more and more often. For now, Facebook and Twitter are battling it out for superiority, until a new player appears on the scene. Snapchat perhaps? I think that would be the most likely scenario.

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