Twitter Acquires TellApart – And That’s Huge For Marketers

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Long gone are the days where access to internet was only feasible through a single device: The household’s personal computer. Users are now everywhere: On their laptops, tablets, mobile phones or even wearable devices. If any social media network has the ability to find all those users across any devices, then it automatically has a significant advantage against its competitors.

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That could be the rationale behind Twitter‘s latest acquisition. The social media network acquired TellApart, an advertising platform that helps marketers create ads and consumer profiles in order to target them across all devices and channels.

Twitter has been investing a lot of time and effort into making its ad offering more appealing to advertisers. During the past couple of months it has introduced behavioural audience targeting, Twitter Cards specifically designed for installs, and it has made it clear that its firehose data will be used to develop new advertising solutions in-house.

This is where TellApart steps in. The advertising platform help its clients create profiles that predict user behaviours and locations. More specifically, TellApart gives advertisers the option to create anonymous consumer profiles with data retrieved from more than 100 online and offline sources. Moreover, TellApart uses real-time data—via feeds and tags—to update the corresponding profiles and enables advertisers to gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

What does this mean? Twitter is basically stepping up its personalisation and segmentation game, aiming to bring relevant and timely ads to its users. Leveraging real-time data, will help the social network identify trends and offer the best possible ad experience in order to secure high conversion rates – and satisfied advertisers.

TellApart is already trusted by brands such as Neiman Marcus. Its acquisition will undoubtedly lead Twitter to expand its clientele.

Pretty interesting, right? Let’s see how this will roll-out to the actual advertising suite.

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