Twitshot Makes Sharing Links With Images Easy

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If you’re a publisher you already know how much of a headache sharing links with images can be. It’s almost impossible to do it natively with Twitter, so we have shown you how you can create a process on IFTTT to share images automatically along with your Instagram shots.

Today, we’re here to introduce you to Twitshot, a website and iOS app that publishes your posts on Twitter along with the right visual.

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Twitshot is really easy to use. If you’re a desktop user you just have to visit the page and then enter your tweet with the URL you wish to share. Twitshot will automatically extract the images that correspond to the link. You can check which ones suits you best and then hit the ‘Tweet’ button – or leave it for later if you have Buffer extension installed on your browser.


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On iOS, Twitshot integrates with Safari and apps and helps you tweet all the interesting content you find or publish with the right image. More specifically, with Twitshot you can share screenshots of a page on your tweet, make your Instagram photos show and tweet Youtube previews. Extra points go for the seamless integration with Buffer and Hootsuite – it totally made our day.


So, go ahead and use Twitshot, we recommend it wholeheartedly.

Download theTwitshot for iOS now:


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