Twitch Now Sells Its Own Video Ads, And They Are “Ad Blocker Proof”

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Twitch, the Amazon-owned video streaming platform announced its plans to start selling video ads through its new SureStream video technology platform.

Twitch is used by over 2 million broadcasters worldwide. As such, the platform has become interesting to advertisers who are looking to reach its wider audience.

But more than its reach, Twitch is attracting potential advertisers as well, thanks to its new SureStream technology. With it, advertisers will have total control and will even be able to quickly pull problematic advertising. The main asset of SureStream’s technology however, is that it addresses the growing problem face by advertisers: ad blockers.

Once enabled, Twitch’s SureStream ads will not be able to be bypassed, even with the help of third-party ad blocking software. This means more views for advertisers, but also more revenue for broadcasters as Twitch will share advertising revenue with broadcasters.

Securing ad revenue is a necessity for all platforms nowadays. Jonathan Simpson-Bint, Chief Revenue Officer at Twitch explained how it is the platform’s responsibility to constantly improve the advertising experience for all parties within the ecosystem:

SureStream helps ensure broadcasters can keep doing what they love, while providing a more seamless experience for viewers. It also helps attract and retain advertisers who are now able to effectively reach an elusive audience.

So there you have it. The right model, is the one where everybody is happy. Creators, viewers and advertisers alike. I can see how SureStream does that, both for creators and advertisers. But what about users who won’t be able to skip through the ads, what will they think?

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