Twitch Introduces Social Eating Category

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You may have thought that Twitch was only for gamers… You were wrong. Twitch is a social video platform and might be preferred by over 100 million gamers who like to watch 1.7 broadcasting gamers play video games live; but it is now testing a new category – Social Eating.

Following incessant campaigning by South Korean users, Social Eating – a live stream of someone eating a meal – has become a very sought-after feature on Twitch. During any session, users cook and eat a meal and seek to get interaction from viewers. This new fad has come out of Twitch’s Creative category – a category where users share cooking techniques, recipes, and a lot more. It’s just that now there’s a whole new category dedicated to Social Eating as well.

Director, APAC at Twitch, Raiford Cockfield, explained that

Twitch is a firm believer in letting the community’s interests dictate the direction of our platforms content. In the case of Social Eating, we were getting a lot of demand from our Korean users given how this is a huge cultural phenomenon in their part of the world … while it is definitely a unique request, the Twitch community is nothing if not unique, and we support their passion and interests.

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At the moment, Social Eating is mostly a South Korean phenomenon, but I expect the fad to grow beyond physical or cultural boundaries, judging from the speed that internet culture spreads. Twitch, a major competitor to YouTube Gaming is becoming a place for anyone to stream, and media companies and publishers are starting to also catch on, using it for events – and especially e-sports. It is not impossible to start seeing live streaming sites like Twitch becoming the new TV. What do you think?

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