Tweetdeck Helps You To Avoid Embarrassing Twitter Moments

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Sometimes it is a typo, sometimes the wrong image. Worse, sometimes we tweet from the wrong account, often getting confused between our personal account and the company account. It happens to even the best of us.

Good news! Tweetdeck is gearing up to help us avoid make fools of ourselves.

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What do you think is missing, what is that little thing that could help millions of Twitter users avoid sending out a bad tweet or a tweet from the wrong account?

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Tweetdeck believes that it all it takes, is an extra second for us to check what we are about to do, just before we do it. And this is just what the platform has done by adding an extra confirmation step before publishing tweets.

The new feature is of course optional, but taking in to account the number of disastrous Twitter moments it can save you from having, the extra step seems like a highly justified effort. Especially if you are also tweeting from your company’s account from the same device!

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