Tumblr Reblogs Are Finally Getting A User Friendly Layout

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On Tumblr, sharing content that was created and posted by others is one of the most used features. But despite this, Reblogs did not receive the design, layout and/or UI they probably deserved and it could be difficult for users to follow the conversation.

But this is now a thing of the past.

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Starting today, Reblogs will have a fresh new look that showcases all comments as equals, making all of them more readable and giving a better understanding to all users.

Here’s how this will look (original on the left, new look on the right):


As you can see, Reblogs will no longer consist of a long list of blockquote indents, where each user was adding comments on to what had been said before.

The new layout simply lists all comments one after the other, each as important as the previous and the next one. It makes it much easier to read all comments indeed, it is also better to the eye. One thing though: it makes the Tumblr post much longer than with the old UI.

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Of course, because every update comes with its lot of unhappy users, the reactions to the new layout have been somewhat divided. The main concern comes from it involving more scrolling than before, which can be a bit of a disadvantage on most mobile devices.

What is your take on it? Do you often reblog content on Tumblr? How important is it to you to be able to easily read through the previous comments?

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