Tumblr Makes It Easy To Hide Your Blog From The World (And Google)

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So far, we all knew how to make our Tumblr blog private, that is, visible to pre-approved users that have a specific password. However, just a few days ago, Tumblr released another update which gives its users an additional level of privacy on their blogs.

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The social network and blogging platform rolled out a new feature which allows users to hide their blog from the rest of the world. That means that their blog can be visible only through Tumblr.com for logged in users on mobile or desktop, but for no one else outside the platform.

The new feature can be found on Tumblr‘s settings dashboard. From there, users can select to hide their blog from the web and search engines paraphernalia. According to Tumblr, hiding your blogs lets you have better control on what’s visible. With Tumblr being one of the social networks known for its “sensitive” content, this is a natural development that shields visitors from unwanted content.

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Apart from that, hiding a blog from the rest of the web, could mean that users are better protected against possible abusive behaviours, such as trolling and bullying.

On a more positive tone, there’s another take on this. With Tumblr’s renowned creative community, this could be a bright opportunity for the platform to cater for an exclusive expression medium which could possibly attract a new wave of user subscriptions.

Let’s see how this plays out.

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