The Truth About Dog And Cat People According To Facebook

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We all know that cat people and dog people are very different, but how much?

International Cat Day came and went, and Facebook celebrated by releasing insights from a recent study about the characteristics of dog and cat people, and how they are different. The study run by Facebook itself looked at 160,000 users in the United States who posted images of cats, dogs, or both, on the platform.

Let’s Have A Look At The Results.

Dog People Have More Friends On Facebook

What we knew before is that cat people tend to make friends with cat people and dog people tend to make friends with dog people. No surprises there. Also, people in each group are more likely to make friends with people who are in either group, rather than those who are in neither. Sure, dog people have more friends, and cat people are more likely to be single, but cat people are invited to more events.

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Also interesting but not surprising, is that cat people are more likely to be science fiction, anime and fantasy fans who enjoy indoor activities like watching television and movies, or reading books. When it comes to entertaining themselves, dog people tend to like dog-centred stories and other things about their favourite pet. They are more likely to enjoy movies or other content about dogs.

Cat People Have More Emotions

Dog people tend to live in the country. Cat people are usually found in cities. Dog people tend to express pride and excitement on Facebook, whereas cat people tend to express a wider spectrum of emotions. Finally, cat people also have a tendency to complain about feeling tired. Surprising?

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