The Truth Behind All Those Awesome Instagram Photos – Food Edition

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Following the success of “The Truth Behind All Those Awesome Instagram Photos”, we decided to give you the second instalment. Here’s “The Truth Behind All Those Awesome Instagram Photos – Food Edition!

We spend a lot of time admiring photos from food bloggers on Instagram. Everything seems so perfect. The food of course – but they also always seem to have the right plate, the right table, the right setting… But is it really so perfect?

Instagram is very good at making things look great. Framing is optimum, and filters and edits are amazing at making bland shots look fantastic. Of course this is not taking away the great talent bloggers have at creating the right setting, finding the best position for each element, and electing only the best components.

In a new advertising campaign for Wren Kitchens, a few food bloggers accepted to take us behind the scenes, in the reality of their kitchen, and show us everything that is not shown in their Instagram pictures.

Enjoy! These will certainly make you feel better about yourself, and the state of your kitchen!





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