The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Welcome to the latest edition of this week’s top social media news. And what a week it has been! Massive announcements, surprising launches and a few cool features! So are you ready for this week’s top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

Video has been at the heart of things once again. Facebook started rolling out two-person Live broadcasting as it was announced a few weeks back during VidCon. It’s only for verified profiles and through the Mentions app for now, but everyone should get it soon.

YouTube Goes Social

And while Facebook is becoming more video, YouTube plans to become more social… The platform has announced “Backstage, ” a new platform within the platform, that will allow users to share updates, photos, etc….A nice step forward for YouTube.

Facebook Has A New app For Under 21s

Back to Facebook now with the launch of Lifestage. It’s a new app which is 100% dedicated to the under 21s. If you are older, you can see what’s happening on the app, but you will not be able to engage. There’s no way to say whether Lifestage will be a success, but on ting for sure, it’s directly targeting Snapchat users.

Twitter #GoLive

Finally, Twitter has also been busy this week. The company announced a new embeddable button that will allow web visitors to DM but also, more importantly, reports are showing that Twitter is busy working on #GoLive, a permanent page where users can follow all the new Live video events from Twitter.

wersm-facebook-live-2-person Two-Person Facebook Live Broadcast Is Now A Reality – The feature was first heard of at VidCon back in June, alongside some other cool things like a waiting room for Live, or live-broadcast scheduling. Today, reports are rolling in that say that Facebook has started rolling out two-persons broadcast on Live.
wersm-youtube-icons-red Backstage: YouTube To Become A Real Social Network YouTube is the world’s largest online video platform. There’s no doubt about that. But the video giant may start to feel annoyed watching crowds of users come, and then leave, for other competing social platforms. But YouTube has a plan, and it’s called “Backstage.”
wersm-facebook-launches-lifestage Facebook Launches Lifestage; An App For Under-21s – We hear quite often about how Facebook’s users are growing older. And it’s true, because most of the social network’s early users are now well into their thirties. Facebook has always tried to appeal to younger audiences but hasn’t been able to get it right. Teens still prefer other platforms to Facebook. To appeal to them the company has just launched Lifestage; an app only for under-21s.
wersm-twitter-blue-dark Twitter Users Can Now Message You Directly From Your Website Twitter introduced a new button that allows for visitors of your website to message you directly. Until now, your website’s visitors had to first find your profile on the platform, and then click to message you. Twitterannounced the new button in a tweet.
wersm-twitter-live-events-permanent-page Twitter Is Working On A Dedicated Page For Live Events – Twitter Live Events have become very popular over the course of the past few months. Now the company is working on a more permanent page to host all live streaming of events. The feature was spotted by Carter Mansbach, who saw a banner come up on his Twitter feed inviting him to “Watch LIVE now.”

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