Top 5 Social Media News This Week

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Facebook is changing everything in online advertising, again! With the launch of hyper-local ads and the (re)launch of Atlas, the social media giant is clearly showing its impact on online advertising.

Ads are now everywhere on social media, everywhere except on Ello, for now at least. But can we really trust what the new social network will do with our personal data? We raised the question. What is your answer?

Are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

you-are-here-sign-wersm-local-hyperlocal-ads-facebook Facebook Launches Hyper-Local Ads– After location-based page rankings and signal strength-related mobile ads, Facebook is now launching precision ‘local awareness ads‘ that will reach audience within a small distance from a business.
spint-start-line-wersm LinkedIn Reveals Which Actions Lead To More Profile Views – LinkedIn announced that it brings further improvements to its Profile Views section and, more specifically, it has just rolled out a feature which allows you to see which actions brought impressions to your LinkedIn profile.
vintage-yardsticks-and-rulers-wersm The 2014 Social Media Ads Cheat Sheet – All social platforms provide advertising features, however you can not reuse the same pictures in different social media channels. Consult this cheat sheet created by Flightpath NY, so that you know the dimensions that correspond to each social network.
Talbot_Avenger_production_line_at_Coventry_Motor_Museum-mass-production-line-mass-production-line-wersm How To Use Social Media Automation For Your Business [Infographic] – he overwhelming pace of social media makes it imperative to automate some tasks, provided that you know how to succeed the ideal automation for the social accounts of your business.
Can We Really Trust Ello? -Ello is the absolute buzz among social media users and marketers. The new social network, published a manifesto where it claims that it will be ad-free for life. But is this the case?

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

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