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While Facebook continues to upgrade its platform and services – the most recent upgrade concerning Facebook Events – we had a look on the future of Facebook marketing, now that like-gating will soon be disallowed. Should you bet on better content, craft your posts better, or simply review your entire approach?

The big news this week came from Instagram. The platform released a powerful set of analytics for brands that use it to promote their business and with this, Instagram has taken a big step towards becoming a true advertising platform. Let’s see if advertisers will follow now!

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 Instagram went down and users expressed frustration on Twitter Instagram Releases Analytics For Brands – Instagram launched analytics for brands that use the social network to promote their business. The platform has been working closely with advertisers to define what tools and statistics work best for them.
What Marketers Can Do Now That Like-Gating Is Gone – Facebook is phasing out like-gating for apps on the platform. This means you will have to work on alternative ways to gain fans. So, what happens now?
The Perfect Facebook Post [infographic] – Crafting the perfect Facebook post might be an utopia as they are too many parameters entering in action. However, what we can do is to apply a set of established tips that will help our Facebook posts succeed and reach a maximum of users within our desired target audience.
New Tools To Promote Facebook Events – Facebook claims that almost 400 million members are using events. So it proceeded to making some substantial improvements targeted to events and their promotion, built around 3 basic pillars; boosting events, insights and highlighting events.
What People (Really) Share on Social Networks – Although many people are just scanning through their feeds, most of us like to share news, opinions and photos on social media. Actually, the type of content you put online reflects who you truly are, so bear in mind you should always take great care when sharing.

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