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Social Media Managers are a still a misunderstood specie in the world of marketing.

Although there are more and more dedicated Social Media Managers in companies around the world, many still feel they have to explain the importance of their job. This week, we tried to make things clear and explain to the world how great and important they are.

On the other hand, we also looked into these countries that still forbid access to social media via state controlled Internet. How would you feel if you were not free to use Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube?

And of course, we have the best tips and information on how to make the best of social media to market your business!

Are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

chemistry laboratory wersm Are Social Media Managers “Just Posting Things on Facebook”? – If you’re a social media manager, how would you describe your job? Do you feel like you have to explain why you think your work is important?
15 Ways To Use Instagram For Your Business – Instagram has rapidly turned into one of the most popular social networks. Businesses should really start maintaining a great Instagram account.
Tired Of Static and Flat Visuals On Facebook? – Facebook still does not offer full support for animated GIFs. Some people refused to give up though, and this digital advertising agency, came up with an original idea to bring life into visual posts.
smartphone social media users wersm The Demographics of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – Audience is the new black. Understanding it will give you the keys to success throughout your social media channels.
access denied Yes, There Are Still Countries Where Social Networks Are Banned – Social Media brings people together. They tear down distance barriers and they provide the means to interact with people we had never imagined we could. Yet, there are still banned in some countries.

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