Top 5 Retweeted Tweets in History

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Twitter is a swift and easy-going place. Once you nail the perfect tweet, you go viral.

Few, however, have managed to gain massive popularity with just a single tweet. Fewer have broken personal limitations and spread even beyond their followers’ reach. Even fewer, set world records.

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Let’s begin the countdown:

5. RIP Avalanna

Avalanna Routh, a 6-year-old super belieber passes away from a rare form of cancer. Despite Justin Bieber account’s extreme popularity, his tweets are plain old and frankly too uncanny. A YouTube link here, a fan retweet there, all sprinkled in the proper dosage. No Bieber glory in it.

4. Fast and Furious

Paul Walker’s death is confirmed through his own official account.


3. Memorial to Cory

After Cory Monteith’s untimely death (Glee), Lea Michele tweeted in memory of her boyfriend.

2. Four More Years

Shortly after being re-elected to Presidency for his second term, Obama leaves a mark on social media.

1. If Bradley Had a Longer Arm

Ellen brakes the record (by far) during the Oscars ceremony, with a world-renowned tweet. The now World’s Most Retweeted Tweet surpassed the millionth mark within hours, now residing well over 3M. It’s certainly a kind of selfie we will not be forgetting anytime soon.

Let’s see what conquers No1 next, and when. Any ideas? Is it going to be about an alien invasion?

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