Too Lazy To Read Your Tweets? Your Amazon Echo Can Do It For you

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Twitter is so exciting, it never stops. So much so, that sometimes it can be hard to follow. But worry not, because now you can get your Amazon Echo speaker to read them out loud for you.

Are you feeing a bit too lazy today? Not feeling courageous enough scroll through all your Tweets? Are you worried about missing out on the next big trending topic? Can’t be bothered to check Twitter all the time? Then this is for you: An app for Amazon’s voice platform Alexa. With it, you can listen to the latest from Twitter on your Echo speaker or any other Alexa-powered device.

According to Twitter, its Amazon Alexa app can read out loud information on trends or deliver information from your own account.

To start using it, all you need to do is authenticate with your Twitter account on the app, and voila! After that, using your voice-enabled Echo speaker, you can launch the app by saying: “Alexa, open Twitter.”

The Alexa virtual assistant can then read any Tweet on your Timeline, tell you all about your Mentions, Retweets and likes and so on. Of course the app is also able to inform you on trending topics and local trends. The hardest bit is probably learning how to ask for all these, for example:

“Alexa, ask Twitter for my own Tweets,” “Alexa, ask Twitter if anyone has retweeted me,” “Alexa, ask Twitter for my Mentions,” “Alexa, ask Twitter what is happening?” or even “Alexa, ask Twitter for trends in London”. But surely, you can get used to it, right?

Amazon Alexa is a marketplace for voice-enabled apps that are directly compatible with Amazon’s Alexa enabled speakers – like the Amazon Echo or the Echo Dot for example.


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