Tired Of Static and Flat Visuals On Facebook?

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Facebook might be the leading social media platform, it is falling behind in terms of visual possibilities. Pinterest, and more recently, Twitter made the move and added animated GIF support to their platform. Facebook, however, resists. Yes, no matter what, Facebook remains the kingdom of static and flat visuals.

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Some people refused to give up though. In Peru, Liquid, a digital advertising agency, came up with an original idea to bring life into visual posts for their client, Rexona.

The idea is simple, but yet very original. Liquid used the “See More” function available for longer Facebook posts to spice up the visuals. How? By using ASCII characters to give an extra meaning to the photos used. If you are not convinced, you should know that this type of Facebook innovation actually created a lot of buzz for the brand. And personally, I always love a bit of ASCII characters ;)

What do you think of this original approach?

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