And You Thought Your Chat Was Encrypted…

by • March 21, 2017 • Breaking News, WhatsAppComments Off on And You Thought Your Chat Was Encrypted…3587

Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram among other apps, have long claimed that they’re offering end-to-end encryption on your private conversations. However, reports have emerged showing that there are ways to bypass security. 

The news was first reported by Wired, which claimed that an Israeli firm was able to break the encryption on WhatsApp and on Telegram. The vulnerability was exploited by using an image injected with HTML code. Researchers state that the code is activated by clicking on the image, gaining unauthorised access to photos, videos, and user contacts.

On Telegram, researchers were able to trace and exploit the loophole on the web version of the app. Although both WhatsApp and Telegram have released updates for their apps following the revelations, researchers insist that web apps are considerably more vulnerable.

Just to be on the safe(r) side, both apps have urged users to restart their apps, for the updates and patches to take effect.

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