This Tool Determines Your Personality From Your Facebook Likes

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Facebook has a lot of data on its users, and it has been suggested that one can find out a lot about someone’s character traits, psychology, religious and political beliefs, intelligence or happiness based on their Facebook likes. A tool called Apply Magic Sauce can apparently give you a full report of this!

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Apply Magic Sauce is a “Prediction API” that “translates individuals’ digital footprints into detailed psychological profiles”. It’s an online tool created by the University of Cambridge’s Psychometrics Centre, which “specialises in advanced methods of psychological assessment and the investigation of online behaviour”. The tool – incredibly easy to use and surprisingly accurate – allows anyone to get a full report of what their Facebook likes say about them.

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As Apply Magic Sauce only uses your like data, it guesses your age, gender, level of intelligence, sexual orientation, life satisfaction, but also your political or religious beliefts. It can also determine your education level and relationship status with some accuracy. Personality-wise it figures out where you lean on the “Big 5” personality traits – conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, opens and neuroticism.

To narrow it down even further, you can opt to

“submit your data anonymously for research by the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and its community of collaborators.

All you have to do is take the test at the bottom of every section. Your data will be used to improve research for the Centre but will not be used commercially. It is simply there to help us better understand online behaviour.

Just login here, and find out what your likes say about you as well as get a lot more data about yourself!

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