This SnapChat Clone Is Taking Over Asia

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If you’re like me, Snapchat has started to take a much bigger place in your daily social media routine. It’s the trendiest platform out there at the moment, the one where all the cool people are. And it’s mostly thanks to how Snapchat is so different from the other platforms, and allows us to get creative, especially with its awesome filters.

But here is the thing. Snapchat has a new competitor, and it is beating it on exactly that: filters.

“Snow” is a new platform born in South Korea as a real Snapchat clone, and it’s now taking over Asia, and is even at the top of the App Store chart in China, according to Digital Trends. In fact, since its launch last September, Snow has already seen over 30 million users starting to use it.

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So, What Is Snow?

Snow is basically a Snapchat lookalike. It is so similar to Snapchat in so many ways, that it can get really confusing. Except that Snow is more “Asian” than Snapchat, and that’s how the app has managed to win over so many users in the area, especially in China, where Snapchat is still banned.

Snow has by far more filters than Snapchat. In fact, the whole app is built around the idea of tonal photo filters. With over 100 filters available, you see how Snow largely beats Snapchat and its 15 filters. The app also wins from a feature that allows you to create your very own GIFs, straight out of your phone’s camera.


Among other more original filters, Snow also openly ripped off Snapchat’s swap-face filters, and many others. But it is most certainly its Asian sensibility that has brought success to Snow: you can transform yourself into a sumo wrester or a Harijuku girl if that’s your thing.

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It will come as no surprise to you that Naver, the South Korean internet giant who also developed the immensely successful Line messaging app, is behind Snow.

If you’re interested to give it a try, you can download Snow, on iOS and Android.

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