This “Magic” Trick Will Free Tons Of Space On Your iPhone

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If you’re like me, your iPhone is pretty much always running out of storage. Photos, songs, videos… anything we save on it takes so much space that my iPhone is always out of available storage space.

And that is rather annoying because, like you, I use my iPhone to do my job, and it often means I need to have visuals and videos on it! And today, I came across this tip, and I have already freed over 3GB of storage space on my phone!

I’ll admit to not believing it when I was first told about it. But I gave it a try. And, it worked! Here is how you can save loads of space on your iPhone too.

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Let’s start with a quick disclaimer: it only works when you are running out of space. This will not do anything if your phone still has over 5GB of storage space available. When I started testing this, I literally had just about 500MB left on my iPhone 6.

Let’s start:

  1. Go to Settings>General>About
    check how much available storage space you have
  2. Go to iTunes and try to rent a movie in HD
    The file size will usually be over 5GB (I tried renting Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King) and you will not be able to rent the movie because your phone does not have enough storage space (hence, you will not get charged for the rental either)
  3. Go back to Settings>General>About
    refresh if you need to and see that you will have gained a few hundred MB of free space, or even more sometimes
  4. Repeat these steps
    until you reach enough available storage space. I did it 3-4 times and gained 3GB overall

Here are 3 screenshots I took during my third repetition. As you can see, I gained 1.5GB in one go!


Now to be honest, I have no idea how this happens, but it worked. My best guess is that iOS is attempts to “re-organise” your files to save as much space as possible, so you can rent the movie and make a purchase.

No matter what, this is an awesome trick that will help you do more with your iPhone. Let me know in the comments how you are getting on and how much storage space you have gained.

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