This Is What Happens After You Attend a Facebook Event

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So the other day one friend of mine invited me to a home party, where I knew absolutely no one. Fair enough, I love to meet new people!

I received the invitation to the event on Facebook. Yes, that’s how the young lads do it now. No phone calls, no text message, nothing but a Facebook invitation. Anyway, after looking through the list of attendees, I headed off to the party and I had the chance to meet a lineup of awesome people!

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The day after, I jumped onto Facebook to add them to my friend list. Five of them responded quickly and accepted the friend request, and my Newsfeed went crazy!

Almost every single update I could see was from these 5 people. Old photos, comments and the likes were literally thrown in my Newsfeed. Nothing was left for my other friends, Facebook wanted me to know more about these 5 new beautiful people. So did I, as I had no other choice!

If you attend an event where you make new friends, expect their updates to rank high in Edgerank, at least for a few days. It almost seemed like Facebook considered them as my new best friends. All of a sudden, their friends pop on the people I may know, and all their events were also listed.

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Within the next few days, the situation went back to “normal” and my “usual” friends started to make their way back. But wow, that was interesting to see!

I personally find it very cool that Facebook encourages you to start chatting after a new connection is made. We all know that once you add someone to your friend list, it’s very likely you want to meet him again, and pushing content is a brilliant way to start the conversation online!

Have you experienced the same? Let us know in the comments below!

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