This Halloween, Dress As A Clown And Get A Free Whopper

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This Halloween, Burger King chose once again to troll Mc Donald’s with a sweet mix of Stranger Things and the recent installment of IT. 

Halloween is fast becoming Burger King’s favourite holiday. Last year, the company dressed one of its restaurants as the ghost of McDonald’s. This year, Burger King is ready to troll its rival again with #ScaryClownNight: a night where people dressed as clowns receive a free Whopper.

Weeks after telling us to never trust a clown, Burger King is now inviting everyone to dress as one.

In a spooky video, reminiscent of both Stranger Things and the IT movie – both current pop culture trends – Burger King is promoting its Halloween activation across social media with the following video.

The promotion will only be valid during the night of Halloween – Oct 31 – from 7 pm to 3 am, and at select locations only – in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Spain, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, Japan, Brazil, and Argentina. It is also limited to the first 500 guests wearing a clown costume – and not for drive-through customers.

In the U.S., there will be only 5 locations (click on your city for directions) in Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, and Salt Lake City. In the U.K., only the restaurant on Leicester Square, in London, will be participating.

Credits: LOLA MullenLowe in Madrid. Video directed by Rodrigo Cortés.

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