These Social Media Precursors Could Rise Again

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Social Media might be very recent to many. However, truth is that it has been around since the late ’90s.  Yes, ok, it’s onl;y with the amazing growth of platforms like Facebook or Twitter, that Social Media really took a big place in our lives, but there were plenty of social networks even before them. Many of them failed and disappeared. Others rised again.

Today, new platforms come and go everyday. Many probably have a bright future as sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare make a play for ad-based sustainability. But many other will, in their turn, disappear: it’s a basic rule of evolution, no? (remember the dinosaurs?)

Well the good guys at WhoIsHostingThis prepared this great infographic showing the rise, fall and return of some of the first social networks. Will they rise again like My Space did?

The Rise and Fall of Early Social Networks

The Rise and Fall of Early Social Networks

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