The Tweet That Wowed Me And The Guy Behind It

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Social media marketers often suffer from acute “Been There, Seen That” syndrome. One grows alarmingly accustomed to the monotonous digital waves of apocalyptic Facebook doomsdayers, “epic” guides to this-and-that, and 18 Ways To Do Whatever.

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Searching for great content can sometimes feel like a form of online dumpster-diving. So, when Joshua Davidson tweeted me a personalized, video thank you for sharing his article, my jaw dropped a couple inches.

Mind. Blown. As I put it in my reply to him, Joshua is one classy dude. He took 15 seconds out of his day to thank me personally for sharing his article on Twitter. That’s impressive devotion to “social” for a business of any size. But Joshua has a team of 15, a growing portfolio, and 666,000 loyal Twitter followers.

And for good reason. His Twitter feed is remarkable. Inspirational one-liners are the only thing breaking up a constant stream of conversations between this CEO of Chopdawg and his fans, followers, leads, and clients.

His development company’s mission and philosophy are ones that should prompt any business to take thorough notes. I know because the 15 seconds he spent on me led to a good hour of me researching him.

Why? Because here’s a guy who is walking his talk. Davidson isn’t just talking about relationships – he’s actively making and feeding them. That’s serious, meaningful hustle, y’all.

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Okay, but was the video thank you thing just something he does for everybody? Nope. I looked. Joshua does respond to an impressive number of shares – and always with more than a flippant “thanks.” But in the month of September, he posted 3 videos on Twitter. One to me, one showing excitement for a lead, and another showing gratitude to the author of an article he respected.

Joshua’s tweet did more than wow me. It restored my exuberance for social dumpster-diving. It reminded me that there are people out there doing more than just talking about building meaningful business relationships.

That the wait is worth it when you find them. One tweet is, after all, how I came to write for this very website.

Joshua Davidson started his company at 16 years-old. He writes about it here. He’s an Eagles fan. When it comes to his business, he only cares about these 3 things. We have weightlifting and an intense work ethic in common. He believes more is more.

When I, or one of my clients, needs a development team, we’ll be calling his. Meanwhile, I’m writing this article and taking notes from Joshua. Talk about ‘the little tweet that could!’ And did.

Speak human. Win the internet.

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