The Top Coveted Skills in Digital Marketing

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With all that Social Media Boom the past 5 years we observed two trends; The existence of several people claiming to be social media experts, gurus or evangelists, when -in fact- they were… irrelevant and, on the other hand, the companies’ struggle to find people with deep knowledge of the social media spectrum, so as to incorporate in their marketing departments.

Most businesses have started to look out for the new talents, for the marketers of tomorrow. Large companies are motivated to bring digital marketers in house as they are rebuilding their marketing teams to face the challenges of tomorrow. But do they find what they are looking for?

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The answer is NO. Companies around the world are facing difficulties in recruiting the right digital marketers, and by right, I mean the one with the profile they think they need. The main reason behind this is that despite knowing exactly what they want, businesses may not have the skills to recruit the right candidates!

According to recent surveys, 34% of hiring managers do not have enough work experience to hire a digital marketing team; meanwhile, 30% of hiring managers cannot identify capable talent. Notably, two-thirds of marketers attempt to add value to their company via e-learning, or on-demand or in-person workshops. Many companies, unfortunately, do not apply standard practices to ensure employees are driving the business towards success.

So what are these profiles businesses are really looking for? What are the skills you must have to be the next digital marketer in large companies?

Measuring The Gaps In Digital Marketing Skills

As you will see in the following infographic by the Online Marketing Institute, the top coveted skills in digital marketing are:

  1. Analytics
  2. Mobile marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Social media

The past few years there has been some progress; we saw the first social media degrees being awarded from universities and many people extending knowledge to those interested in entering this exciting new field. However, the gap still remains. Companies claim that their teams don’t live up to their expectations and employees say that digital marketing strategies applied from companies are nothing short of same old, same old.

The Digital Marketing Talent Gap

The very good news from this research is that both recruiters and candidates are willing to learn ;)

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