The Top 5 Social Media Trends Of This Week

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Welcome to the latest edition of this week’s top social media trends! Facebook is coming to your TV, it now offers free job postings (ouch LinkedIn) and it’s doing wonders for your SEO.  But this week, I was mostly impressed by Musical.ly and Snapchat!

Facebook is the omnipotent platform. It’s everywhere and it does everything. The company is about to launch an video app for Apple Tv and Amazon Fire, finally taking the step and extending its realm to our TV sets.

Facebook also launched job postings this week, a new feature that allows Pages to post job opening for free and get candidates to apply via Messenger.

On the other side of the social media world, two smaller platforms impressed me this week. First of all, Snapchat – yet not so small a platform – announced it is working on a new set of lenses that will open a new world of possibility with Augmented Reality.

And then Musical.ly. The company launched its 4th standalone app this week and I know am convinced it’s about to take over the world…

So, are you ready for some super cool new features and top trends? Read on.

wersm-snapchat-world-lenses-AR Snapchat Is Ready To Jump Into Augmented Reality – VR or AR, which one will really prevail? If you believe Tim Cook, your bet should be on AR. According to the CEO of Apple, augmented reality will have an important place in the future of digital. Cook explained that people will prefer augmented reality to virtual reality, as it keeps them grounded in the real world – instead of submersing them entirely in an alternate reality.
wersm-facebook-seo A Short Guide To SEO On Facebook – No. SEO is not dead. And social media – especially Facebook – play a major role in how well you do it it. Here’s a short little guide (emphasis on short) to what you should be doing on Facebook, to get great SEO. You may still be living under the misconception that SEO is only something that one does for a website. Wrong. SEO depends on many signals, and good website stats are only part of it.
wersm-musica-ly-app Musical.ly, That Giant Who Is Preparing To Take Over The World – To some, the world of social media might seem a little immutable. But behind the top apps we all currently use – a startup (if we can still call it that) called Musical.ly  is preparing to take over the world. If you’re not familiar with Musical.ly, let me explain: the app focuses on lip-syncing video. Not telling you much? Well, Musical.ly is even more than that.
wersm-facebook-tv-video-app It’s Happening: Facebook Is Coming To Your TV – After conquering our computers and mobile devices, Facebook is coming to your TV. Not all of it of course, just a new standalone video app. You wanted it. Admit it! The company announced yesterday, that it will soon release a new standalone app that will be available on Apple TV and Amazon Fire.
wersm-facebook-jobs-postings-feature Job Postings And Applications Now On Facebook – Facebook is now getting serious about businesses and competition, as it starts rolling out job postings and application features. What’s more interesting is that Facebook is going to be offering its services for free: Employers will be able to post job openings for free, and candidates will be able to apply, using pre-populated forms that will be sent via Messenger.

Tune in next Sunday for a new edition of our weekly social media trends! Enjoy the week ahead!

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