The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Welcome to another mashup of the week’s most important social media news. And it has been a busy one again, especially thanks to Facebook and Twitter!

Facebook believes video is the future, and the company is proving it again by introducing better video metrics on its platform. These metrics are available from your Page insights and video library and aim to help you “engage, inform, and entertain.” Basically, the more you know, the better your videos, right?

Instagram has also introduced some new features around video and especially the ability to zoom why capturing a video. This was something that already existed on Snapchat, and now Instagram has it too.

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But Facebook (and Instagram) is not the only platform to seek inspiration from Snapchat. Twitter is doing just that too. This week Twitter introduced promoted stickers, which allow brands to create their own stickers that can then be used and shared by users. Now, where had I seen this before?…. oh wait, Snapchat of course!

But things are not always like this over at Twitter. The platform has its set of own good ideas too. Proof is in this week’s release of new conversational ads and especially the Unlock Cards. They are pretty awesome, make are you give it a good read.

So are you ready for this week’s top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-instagram-silently-introduces-two-new-video-features Instagram Update Silently Introduces Two New Video Features – Not even a month has gone by since Instagram launched its Snapchat-like feature, Stories, and it’s already released two new video features on the platform. The features arrived silently within a routine update of the mobile Instagram app, and while neither will actually change much in how we use the platform, they are certainly important.
facebook-rolls-out-new-video-metrics Facebook Rolls Out New Video Metrics – video content is used on Facebook to “engage, inform, and entertain”, and it’s become a huge success. To create engaging content, publishers need to know more about who watch their videos and how their interact with them. That’s why video metrics are so important. To help publishers, Facebook has announced some new video metrics in Page Insights and the Video Library.
wersm-twitter-hashtag-unlock-cards Engage Conversations With Twitter’s Instant Unlock Cards – In a recent interview, Chris Le’Cand-Harwood said that “social media is what great marketing has always been: word-of-mouth.”  It’s true! The success of any social media campaign has to do with the “buzz” it generates online. And that’s exactly what Twitter’s Instant Unlock Cards are all about.
wersm-pepsi-twitter-promoted-stickers Advertisers Can Now Create Their Own Twitter Stickers – Twitter stickers were introduced just a few weeks ago, but they may already be the new way for Twitter to make some money. Twitter is now letting advertisers pay to create their own promoted stickers which users can place on their photos.
wersm-facebook-new-newsfeed-preditc-stories Facebook’s Algorithm Can Predict Which Stories You Will Like -Guess what? Facebook is tweaking its News Feed algorithm again. Why? Because Facebook claims it can now predict more of the stories you will like. In a blog post, Facebook explained – once again – that people turn to the platform to learn what is going on in the life of the people they know.

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