The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week [video]

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What a week! Ever since Snapchat declined an offer from Facebook, we knew this day would come: the day when Facebook would build its own Snapchat. And this week, it came from Instagram.

Instagram Stories are extremely similar to Snapchat, so much that even the CEO, Kevin Systrom showed respect for “all the work” Snapchat has done. The new feature was warmly welcome across the globe, but is it enough to really worry Snapchat? Time will tell.

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And that is not the only news coming from Facebook this week. It seems the NewsFeed is now at full capacity when it comes to showing ads so Facebook is looking for more advertising space. The company is looking for the possibility to start adding commercial breaks during Live broadcasts. And if you ask me, this is exactly what has been wrong with TV for many years, so why would Facebook even consider doing the same thing?

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Finally, two more news coming from Snapchat and LinkedIn. Snapchat has launched a news series of stickers that are only available from specific locations. Dubbed “geo-stickers”, they are available when you are located in one of several major cities across the world.

And a much welcome news, LinkedIn is finally introducing video. Not for everyone yet, but a small group of 500 influencers are now able to create 30-second videos that they can then share with their followers. Better late than never, right?

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-instagram-stories-featured Facebook Finally Has Its Snapchat Killer: Instagram Stories– Remember when Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat, and Snapchat said no? We all thought: “erm… this is not a good move Evan… Facebook will just go and build its own Snapchat!” Well, guess what? Facebook just did!
wersm-facebook-rolls-out-shopping-and-services-sections-to-pages Facebook Rolls Out Shopping And Services Sections To Pages – It’s been a long-time coming and apparently Facebook feels that the time is right. It is starting to allow businesses to promote their services and products through Shopping and Services sections on Facebook Pages.
wersm-facebook-is-testing-commercial-breaks-on-live-video-broadcasts Facebook Is Testing Commercial Breaks On Live Video Broadcasts We knew this was going to happen at some point – it actually makes a whole lot of sense. If broadcasters are going to start using Facebook Live for shows, Facebook will have to monetise them somehow, right? Right. And that’s exactly what Facebook is doing – testing commercial breaks during live broadcasts.
wersm-snapchat-geostickers-london Snapchat GeoStickers Are The New Way To Show Where You Are Snapchat may be a bit under pressure since Instagram released Stories, the first real Snapchat competitor born out of the Facebook empire. But the cute white ghost company isn’t going to go down without a fight. Snapchat has just added another collection of stickers, exactly what is missing on Instagram Stories.
wersm-linkedin-invites-influencers-to-create-30-second-videos LinkedIn Invites Influencers To Create 30-Second Videos – LinkedIn is finally taking a step toward video, with 30-second clips created by its Influencers. You read that right. LinkedIn is not giving all users the ability to create videos on the platform. It is allowing a hand-picked group of its Influencers (numbering around 500 at the moment

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