The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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This is something we have known was coming for a little while now, but it still is great news: Twitter will now let advertisers target users based on the Emojis they are using! Of course now the question is whether this will have an impact on how many Emojis people are using or not… more Emojis in your tweets may mean more ads in your timeline!

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Facebook on the other hand, seems a little confused lately. I’m not saying the business isn’t going well, I’m sure it does. What I mean is that, within the same week, Facebook rolled out its new photo slideshow feature on its mobile app, and started forcing users who synchronised their photos on the app, to start using its new Moments app. You can’t have it both ways Facebook, so what will it be?

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Otherwise, it was a rather quiet week in the world of social media innovations. Maybe the right time to look back and be reminded on what is really up and coming: Snapchat.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-emoji-monkey-shirt-twitter Twitter Rolls Out Emoji Targeting – The new targeting feature was announced by Neil Shah, Twitter’s ads application-programming interface product manager. In a blog post, Shah explained how “advertisers can now target users who recently tweeted or engaged with tweets that featured Emoji.”
wersm-facebook-moves-photo-syncing-to-moments-app Download Facebook Moments App Or Risk Losing Your Photos– A few days ago, Facebook warned its users that they would have to download Messenger in order to be able to receive messages from friends on Facebook. Now, Facebook is pulling the same stunt for users who have synced their photos on the platform, by forcing them to download the Moments  app.
wersm-snapchat-fintech-stock-exchange-evan-spiegel 10 Stats About Snapchat That You Just Can’t Ignore – We’ve compiled a list of Snapchat’s most interesting stats in 2016, in order to help you analyse its current status and most importantly, its potential growth. This will also indicate what this could mean for both users and brands.
wersm-facebook-movie-making New Video Slideshow Brings Your Photos To Life On Facebook Facebook is rolling out a new feature that lets you create a video slideshow from your mobile photo album, without the need for any video-making skills of course. Each slideshow comes animated and has background music, bringing your photos to life.
wersm-new-messenger-facebook Facebook Messenger Gets A new Look And New Features Facebook is rolling out a new layout for Messenger, one that will make it easier for you to see which of your friends are online, whose birthdays are coming up, who your favourite contacts are. You can also go back to the “Home” screen with just one tap, wherever you are within the app.

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And here is something new for you: The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week in video!


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